Evolving Standards for B Corp Certification

What come next for b corp certification

B Lab will introduce a new set of standards in 2024. The new standards will evolve what it means to be a B Corp, ensuring that certification remains relevant for the challenges of today and tomorrow. To evolve successfully, we are gathering comprehensive feedback and listening carefully, so we can bring about meaningful change.

Thank you to the 1000+ of you that provided feedback during last year's preliminary consultation period on the first draft of the new standards for B Corp Certification. You can download the Preliminary Consultation summary report to learn more about how B Lab is responding to feedback from all stakeholders.

What comes next? The B Lab’s Standards team is using feedback from the preliminary consultation to produce the next iteration of the draft standards, which will be shared in a second consultation in Q4 2023. Meanwhile, B Lab is working to complete the rollout and transition timeline for products and programs based on the new standards, including B Corp Certification.

We want to ensure the B Corp community has the time and information required to understand and adapt to the new standards. With this intention in mind, we will offer a transition period for all B Corps, communicating timelines in advance.

Want to play a vital role in evolving the standards for B Corp Certification? Register your interest to participate in the second consultation later this year.