BLD Canada - We Are all Connected Part 1: Reconciliation Within Businesses, Creating Pathways to Decolonization

May 18, 2023

 BLD Reconciliation Within Companies

  • Vancouver Canada (map)

The 2023 Canadian BLD Series is a 2 part virtual series organized by B Local Leaders in BC, Quebec and Atlantic Canada to strengthen and support the local B community in advance of Champions Retreat in Vancouver 2024. 

Canadian B Corps will gather, learn, collaborate, and share best practices to take action individually and collectively towards reconciliation and economic justice. 

Please share with your employees, invite your team & put this in your calendar! Virtual Sessions will be in English with a French interpreter available.

Reconciliation is the process of repairing damaged relationships between individuals or groups. It involves acknowledging and addressing past wrongs, listening to and understanding each other’s perspectives, and working towards restoring trust and rebuilding relationships. 

As leaders in the Canadian B Corp Movement, one of the pillars we stand behind is Racial Equity. To accomplish this, we must take actions towards dismantling unjust policies and practices that continue today towards Indigenous and BIPOC communities in Canada. 

In this BLD session we will hear from leading Indigenous voices in Canada and from allies within the Canadian B Corp movement and beyond as we explore how companies can use their businesses to take concrete action. By listening to and learning from each other, we can gain a better understanding of the experiences and perspectives of others in order to create a shared and durable prosperity for everyone. 

We encourage you to join us in these sessions and to continue the conversations after the main programming. This year we are introducing a new, interactive networking session on Braindate where we will have guided conversations on a variety of topics. This is an incredible opportunity to connect with other B Corps across the country and learn from one another.

Together we can create a greater impact, than alone. We look forward to having you join us!

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