Want to host an upcoming live and in person B Local Ontario event?

Send us an email at : events@blocalontario.ca

How it works

B Local Ontario is a volunteer run, non profit company with limited resources but with mighty hearts. We are operated by the B Corp Ontario community and for the B Corp members of Ontario.

As  the event host, you are to provide the venue at no cost and   collaborate in promoting and organizing.  It is our aim to add value to our members and to the community as a whole at each of our events.

We  choose  hosts that are B Corps,  who shares our vision and values, and  are interested in helping us build an engaged community.


The Local Ontario Events Committee goals are as follows:

  1. To create monthly B Connected in person events for the B Local Ontario membership and for those companies that have applied for membership.
  2. To be inclusive of communities outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) when choosing location venues for events with the majority of events to be held in the GTA and surrounding areas.
  3. To create events that provide value to the B Local members by providing networking, leadership, education as well as professional and personal development opportunities.
  4. To organize an annual Business Leadership Development (BLD) event in Ontario starting in 2024 (team and resources dependent).
  5. To support the other B Local Ontario committees (advocacy, marketing, governance and finance) by executing events as needed (team and resources dependant).
  6. To create events for non- members on a semi annual basis to help grow the community.

The Money Stuff

The B Local events are called ‘B Connected’ and to date, these events have all been free and focused on creating connections and partnerships in the community.

As a free event,  we have limited budgets to spend , howerever, we do have sponsors  from the local B Corp Ontario community, which allows us to cover the costs incurred during the event such as  food and beverages.

The Host plays a significant role in the success of the B Connected events. Aside from providing the venue, attendees have the opportunity to learn about Host's history and journey in becomming B Corp certified. The Host's business is highlighted for the event which allows for building connections and discover future opportunities while strengthening the engagement among the B Corp businesses within the community.

A real Win-Win.

If you are interested in hosting a future B Local Ontario event, please let us know at : events@blocalontario.ca