Upcoming Events

B Local Ontario has a number of events through out the year. The biggest event is the B Corp Leadership Development (BLD), which usually happens once a year, but in these uncertain times, the June event has been delay, and hopfully can happen in the fall. There were also regular meetings in Toronto, and less frequently in other locations in Ontario, which have also been cancelled. This has been replaced by a monthy call on the first Thursday of every month on topics that are of interest to B Corps and to the B Corp community.

The upcoming events are as follows:


B Corp Leadership Development Conference

BLD (B Corp Leadership Development) is an all-day conference organized by B Local community leaders to strengthen and support the local B Economy. BLD events provide an avenue for employees of Certified B Corps and others in the B Economy to network, collaborate, and share best practices for strong business and maximum positive impact. Going forward, BLD organizers must be...

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