From Ontario’s business community

STOP Greenbelt Development

To:      Doug Ford, Honourable Premier of Ontario

CC:     David Piccini, Honourable Ontario Minister of The Environment
Paul Calandra, Honourable Ontario Minister of Housing

From:  Ontario Businesses

Stop development of the Greenbelt and repeal Bill 23.

  • We urge you to STOP DEVELOPMENT OF THE GREENBELT, repeal Bill 23 and accept ALL of the recommendations made in the Auditor General’s report, including returning all lands back to the Greenbelt.
  • The Greenbelt development process has been undemocratic and biased favouring a few well-connected developers. Environmental protection is not just vital for the planet but also imperative for fostering a robust economy, climate mitigation and food security. Businesses, large and small, have embraced good environmental, social, and governance practices. We expect the same from our government.
  • We acknowledge and appreciate that Ontario needs more housing, but there are other options such as improving public transportation to satellite towns and cities, increasing urban density by changing zoning laws, and building homes on land that is not protected.
  • With many Canadians now feeling the effects of rising food costs, and the need for local food security, keeping farmland protected is crucial.
  • The adverse effects of climate change are already affecting Canadians. Destroying natural areas that help mitigate flooding and other climate related natural disasters will exacerbate climate related events



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