Certification Consultants



The Business Development Corporation of Canada (BDC) is a financial institution devoted to Canadian entrepreneurs. It is also the first and only Canadian bank to receive Beneficial Corporation (B Corp) certification. BDC also supports companies who are interested in becoming B Corps through regular B Corp 101s, the Getting to 80 Program. They also provide support to all B Locals in Canada including B Local Ontario.

Feel free to connect with them if you are looking at (re)certification.

See BDC B Corp support page.


B Corp Certification is one of the most challenging and rewarding certifications that a corporation can achieve.  Enviro-Stewards’ practical path to becoming climate positive (blog) helps aspiring & existing B Corps to substantially improve (heavily weighted) environmental scores while improving their profitability.  As Enviro-Stewards is a founding Canadian B Corporation, and consistently measures in the top 10% in every category they are measured, they also provide guidance relevant to each of the other Impact Assessment areas (governance, workers, community and customers).  For more information visit B Corporation’s B the change media article on Enviro-Stewards or their TEDx talk.

For more information on contact: mail@enviro-stewards.com  


We are experts at navigating the BIA and our B Leaders (trained by B Lab, the parent organization of B Corp) have supported dozens of companies to certify, including The Body Shop and The Guardian. We also use the assessment as a benchmarking and prioritisation tool to help clients build plans to increase their positive impact. 

Large and Complex Businesses

B Corp Certification can become more complex depending on your situation. Do you have a large headcount? Do you operate in multiple countries? Are you a subsidiary of a multinational company? Are you owned by a private equity firm? We thrive in this complexity and have helped dozens of these companies certify and lead their industry.

See B Corp support page.