Canadian B Corp Directory

Businesses that are a part of the B Corp Directory share common values and operate with integrity, transparency, and compassion towards workers, the community, and the environment.  Being a part of the Canadian B Corp Directory will help you share and engage with like-minded organizations, build new connections and networks, and have a positive impact in your community.   

Benefits of joining the Canadian B Corp Directory: 

  • Access for companies and users to find Canadian B Corporations.  
  • Facilitate B2B and B2C connections within the B Corp community.  
  • Help market Canadian B Corps to the broader community.
  • A platform where people can share ideas, events, socials and more.  
  • Career opportunities and job postings to attract job seekers with common values.  
  • Destination for all B Corp members to network and engage in the community.  

To register, please visit our website and click "Add a Listing”.  

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